I give up on art.

My favorite part about putting cream in an iced americano. Worst part? Having to mix it after this.

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You know it’s bad when the barista at Starbucks knows your name and your usual

It’s not that bad, really. We try very hard to remember the names of our customers. It just means you have a barista that cares!

Pet peeves while working at Starbucks:

  • When people pronounce it, “Ven-Tay”.
  • Calling a frappuccino a frappé. 
  • When you park 80 feet away from the drive-thru window.
  • Using Tim Hortons lingo. (Double-double.)
  • When people pronounce it “Grand”.
  • When people order a skinny without realizing what it actually means.
  • When someone orders a steeped tea.


Gabi & The Spine | photo by trekkiebeth


They’ll never get it right.

something older. their relationship headcanons have been yelling at me.

*Casually dies* omg


Rabbit | photo by trekkiebeth

She glows on stage.

Bunny BennettTransition Radio TV

Bunny is one fab lady.

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Hatchworth | photo by trekkiebeth

Sam’s make up is always so sharp.

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